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Brief Overview of DNA polymerases classification

For an introduction on DNA polymerase, see here.
Some reviews can be found in Patel and Loeb and Steitz.

On the structural level, the take-home message is that polA (pol I), polB (pol II) and polY (pol IV) share the same Klenow-like fold.
While polC (pol III) and polX share another (different) folding type.
However, they all share the same two-metal-ion catalytic mechanism.

PolX Structures

Eukaryotic ones
-Tdt structure
-Pol lambda structure
-Pol beta structure
-Pol mu structure

Bacterial ones
-from D. radiodurans here
-from T. thermophilus here

PolC Structures

Without DNA
-E. coli
-T. aquaticus

With DNA
-G. kaustophilus

  Marc Delarue http://lorentz.dynstr.pasteur.fr